Explainer videos are short marketing videos used by Startups, Small Business, and Corporations to describe a Product or Service, in a simple and adorable way. A Video is an excellent tool to spark interest and convert that interest into revenue.

It’s no secret that Video Marketing is a trend.

From Early-stage Startups to big Corporations (Facebook and Google), most online businesses are using Videos. So, do you need an Explainer Video? Yes! Does your video need to be Effective to be Successful? Yes! Do you have a $50k budget? No Way! Do you still need an Explainer Video? Maybe!!? Do you want to find out the ways to Create an Affordable and Effective Explainer Video?

How to create an Affordable and Effective Explainer Video:

Timing is Everything.

The beginning of your video is very important. To prevent the audience from wandering away, the video needs to get their attention instantly. Hook the audience in the first couple of seconds by addressing a common issue, asking a relevant question, or by sharing something which makes your brand stick out. Avoid turning the video into a boring 15-minute long story. The video needs to be short and simple. It is crucial to eliminate pointless content and spread your message as fast as possible to keep the audience engaged.

The Solution.

Once your audience gets engaged, you can introduce your Product or Service as a solution. Highlight an issue and explain how it’ll be solved with your business. Keep in mind that the audience is not interested in the features. Just capture their interest by highlighting the benefits and they will come looking for the features.

Stand Out. 

Don’t make yourself look like your superior competitor. Use the video to tell them why they need to choose your brand. Explain the benefits that make your services or products, the right choice. The goal of your video is to lead the audience to take action. Include a Call to Action at the end of the video to increase the conversion.

Keep these points handy when you hire an Explainer Video Agency for your next project. Most agencies will handle everything else, but you should take care of the Script. No one can explain your Brand better than you. Whether your goal is to improve sales or brand recognition, Explainer Videos can help you with anything imaginable.

If you’re short on your explainer video budget, you can also consider Animated GIFs for your marketing needs.

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