Explainer Video Process

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Explainer video creation is a multi-step process which involves a team of experts with multiple sets of skills. An explainer production team consists of a Project Manager, Script Writer, Illustrator, Voiceover Artist, Animator, Sound Designer, and a Video Editor.

Here’s a step-by-step outline of the Video Production Process:

The first step of the explainer video production process involves going through the client’s brief, for understanding their Business, Product or Services. In case of any questions or doubts, the project manager reaches the client for further clarification.

After understanding the brief, the Project Manager visualizes the video storyline, writes the Script with the Script Writer, decides the appearance of the Characters, and finalizes on how those elements would be animated. The explainer video script and other creative ideas are sent to the customer for review and approval.

On acceptance of the Script, the Project Manager shares a few Voice over samples to the client. The Voice Samples with client’s preferred accent are carefully handpicked by the Project Manager. The client chooses the Voice they like and the Script is recorded to go along with the animation.

At the same time, Illustrators draw the Storyboard on the basis of the final script and ideas. Once storyboarding is done, it’s sent for client’s approval. After the storyboard is approved by the client, the Illustrators start working on the Detailed Illustrations.

The next stage is Arranging the Illustrations in the Animation Software and Animating them with the VoiceOver. After completion, the animation is Re-checked multiple times for glitches and jerks. Once the entire Animation is polished, the animator renders the project file to a Universal Video Format.

Finally, the animation and voice-over are integrated together to form the movie. The sound designer adds the sound effects to enhance the overall Quality and Impact of the Video.

The client can ask for revisions to the Animation, Sound effects or Background Music. Upon approval, the final movie is delivered to the Customer.


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