How to Create an Affordable and Effective Explainer Video

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Explainer videos are short marketing videos used by Startups, Small Business, and Corporations to describe a Product or Service, in a simple and adorable way. A Video is an excellent tool to spark interest and convert that interest into revenue. It’s no secret that Video Marketing is a trend. From Early-stage Startups to big Corporations […]

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Benefits of Animated GIF in Marketing and Conversion

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In this Era of the Internet, your business success can be determined by your online effectiveness. Your online presence tells your brand story on your behalf. Creating a website and hoping that the business will run itself is not enough anymore. Your marketing strategy needs to be strong. The website must be appealing at driving […]

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Your Business needs an Explainer Video!

explainer, video, business, needs

With over a billion websites out there clamoring for attention, it’s quite clear that the competition would be fierce; and indeed it is. It’s therefore not surprising that the internet marketing landscape keeps evolving. Search engine algorithms are regularly tweaked and updated and the growing population of internet users is becoming increasingly savvy and what […]

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Explainer Video Process

explainer, video, process

Explainer video creation is a multi-step process which involves a team of experts with multiple sets of skills. An explainer production team consists of a Project Manager, Script Writer, Illustrator, Voiceover Artist, Animator, Sound Designer, and a Video Editor. Here’s a step-by-step outline of the Video Production Process: The first step of the explainer video […]

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