With over a billion websites out there clamoring for attention, it’s quite clear that the competition would be fierce; and indeed it is. It’s therefore not surprising that the internet marketing landscape keeps evolving. Search engine algorithms are regularly tweaked and updated and the growing population of internet users is becoming increasingly savvy and what worked for you a year ago may just not cut it today.

It, therefore, goes without saying, that as a smart website owner, you need to keep abreast of both current and emerging strategies because the continued survival of your business may very well depend on this. It has also been said that people remember 10% of what they read and up to 70% of what they see and hear. So, the audio-visual combination that videos afford you is a distinct advantage.

Without having to highlight the plethora of statistics that abound in favor of videos for marketing your products and services; take a moment to reflect on your own response to the explainer videos you have seen and how they’ve influenced your decision-making. You’d agree that videos are indeed an effective marketing tool. Let’s examine some of the reasons why using an explainer video as part of your internet marketing strategy, is a no-brainer.

Why You Need an Explainer Video?

More Effective Communication: If you are yet to leverage the power of videos in your marketing efforts, you are leaving quite a lot of money on the table. Business is about people; understanding their needs and communicating to them in the language they understand, and through means that they find convenient and interactive. Animated explainer videos provide you the best platform to communicate the key benefits and features of your product or services, more effectively than texts could ever do. With an explainer video, you are able to get more information about what you to do.

Better Search Engine Ranking: More than half of internet users (and this may include you) are likely to click on the first result they see when conducting a search. Many don’t even bother to proceed beyond the first page of the SERP for the same keywords. The attention span of the average internet user keeps shrinking, and it’s almost like, user patience seems to thin out, the more connection speeds increase. Better Google ranking means a better visibility for your website; which means more visitors, more sales potentials, and better revenues. So, how can an explainer video improve your ranking on Google? Well, the thing is people are more likely to click on and watch a one-minute Explainer animation video, than bother reading the content of a static home or landing page. Statistics show that on average, visitors stay on a site with a video. 2 minutes longer when they view a video, and are 64% more likely to make a purchase than other site visitors. Then, there is also the emotional appeal of the mixture of motion graphics and words that videos have on people. Now Google’s algorithms rank sites that people spend more time on, better, and a captivating video will help you achieve that. Overall, you’ll have lower bounce rates, and your site’s SEO and ranking is improved.

One Video, Multiple Purposes: Apart from posting your explainer video on your website, you can also use it on social media platforms to boost your reach and search engine ranking. Your social media engagement is more effective when you use a video because users are more likely to share posts that have videos on them. The chances of your newsletters being opened are higher when there’s a video in it to entice your prospective customers. You can also use the same video to make your offline presentations more powerful and engaging.

The use of explainer videos for online marketing is one trend that has come to stay. The reason explainer videos are a must for your video marketing is simple – a picture speaks more than a thousand words. Giving motion and sound to the picture takes the ‘speaking’ to a different level entirely. If you are looking for an Affordable Explainer Video agency, feel free to say hello. We love to work with Small Businesses, Startups or anyone with a Revolutionary Idea. Check out the process of creating explainer videos.

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