Benefits of Animated GIF in Marketing and Conversion

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In this Era of the Internet, your business success can be determined by your online effectiveness. Your online presence tells your brand story on your behalf. Creating a website and hoping that the business will run itself is not enough anymore. Your marketing strategy needs to be strong. The website must be appealing at driving traffic and effective at converting visitors into sales.

So, what can you do to capture your Customer’s Attention, Ignite the Emotion and make your Brand memorable? Umm… Send them free Cat Socks? Not Really!! Start using Helpful and Creative Contents in your marketing strategy.

Now that you’re familiar with the term Content Marketing, you need to know that your Contents may either be Plain, or Intriguing. It’s been observed that individuals just remember 20% of the text they read, which only means Visuals are much more significant now than ever. Visual content tends to appeal to the viewer, igniting emotions that increase the odds of success.

It has been proved that using a video is a better way to tell the Brand story than a Still Image. However, producing a quality video is still expensive for most businesses. So, is there a quick, inexpensive and effective way to boost your content marketing?

The answer is Animated GIFs.

Animated GIFs are simple to consume and inexpensive to create, which makes them a powerful tool for any brand’s content requirement. Animated GIFs are more attractive than pictures, but also more affordable to be created, comparing to videos. Since GIFs only last a couple of seconds, their file size is considerably smaller and the process of uploading them is faster comparing to videos. A faster page load time can also boost the Search Ranking.

Before going all “Yee-Haw” on GIFs, just make sure you do not overuse them… Just Kidding! You can go crazy on GIFs. GIFs are easily consumable and shareable, which increases the possibility of your content going viral.

You might have already started looking for ways to make your very own animated GIFs. There are a few options: You can use design software like Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. If you’re not familiar with the programs, there are various online tools and stock sites like  GallereplayGiphyVidlery etc.

Still not satisfied? We create affordable animated videos and GIFs for modern startups and small business. Contact us today!


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