Stunning Explainer Videos in Budget

Explaining an Idea is frustrating and time-consuming. We help Entrepreneurs explain their Ideas Easily and Effectively, allowing them to Grow and get Better.


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Fast Delivery

We offer the fastest turnaround for a high-quality Explainer Video.

Stunning Visuals

We create Beautiful explainer videos for Modern Startups like yours.

Flexible Pricing

Our pricing is completely Customizable based on your needs.

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Ready to Start?

We help you solve the most important problem of “Explaining your business” by creating a thoughtful and engaging experience for your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a Self-Funded Startup. Can you provide a video in our budget?

We are also a Self-funded startup and we understand budget challenges very well. We can customize our packages for you and deliver a quality Explainer video in your budget.


What do you need from us to start the process?

After the Initial payment, we just need a summary of your business and we will start working on the Script.


What are the Payment terms?

We can start your project with an Initial payment of 50% of the total amount, and you can pay the remaining after your approval on the video. We can create Invoices with direct PayPal Pay link for your convenience. Please contact us for further information.


Do you provide a discount on Bulk Orders?

We do provide huge discounts on bulk orders. We also provide a discount on single orders for early-stage startups.


How long will it take to complete the video?

Our standard turnaround time is 3-4 weeks. The delivery time also depends on the complexity of the Script and the time taken for revisions. We can also complete a video in less than one week for Priority and Urgent projects. We focus everything on one project and go above and beyond to complete it before the deadline. We have delivered complete Explainer videos in less than 3 days. Please note that faster deliveries can cost higher than the usual prices.


We are located on different continents. How can we stay on the same page?

We have worked with clients from all over the world. Time zone and location are not barriers if our communication is fast and easy. As long as we understand your business and have a defined theme and style for the video, things can never go wrong. We have a success and satisfaction rate of 100%.


Can you provide the Voice over in our country’s Native accent?

Thanks to the Internet, we hire Voice artists from all over the world and get the Voice over recorded in the Authentic Accent you require.


Who will select the Voice artist?

You will select the Voice you like. We will provide you some Voice Samples and only proceed further when we have an approval from you.


Can you produce the video in different languages?

We have already created videos in German, French, Russian, Hebrew, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese language.


What if we are not satisfied with the First Draft of the video?

We offer revisions to fix, correct and improve the video. Even if you’re not happy with the first draft, we will make sure that you’re fully satisfied with the final delivery of the explainer video.


Who owns the rights of the video?

You will own the right of the video, but not the project files. If you require the project files for later modifications and alteration, we may ask for extra payment. Project files are a secret recipe of a designer and like most of the designers, we don’t feel comfortable sharing our secret recipe.